Have you ever been playing a game of 20 Questions and it just didn’t work out? For example…

Player 1:
“The answer is ____.” Player 2: “But I already guessed ____!” Player 1: “Oops. Didn’t hear you.”
or even…
Player 1:
“The answer is ____.” Player 2: “But you said he doesn’t have brown hair!” Player 1: “Whoops. I meant black hair.”

Either way, it can be pretty frustrating.

To fix this problem, along with your boredom, I’d like to introduce you to Akinator.

The Web Genie

If you’re not familiar with 20 Questions (which Akinator is based off of), you need to get out more. the goal of the game is to keep asking yes or no questions until you’re able to correctly guess what’s on the other player’s mind. It’s usually played by thinking about a well-known person or fictional character. Now, Akinator isn’t just good. He’s crazy good. You could say he’s even… unstumpable. You’ll be surprised at how much he can guess.

Exhibit A

If you’re looking for something to take up a few hours of your time or even an interesting topic to talk about with your friends, try Akinator.