Well, since I spent most of last night on this website, I figured I might as well make it the first recommended website on my new blog. And before you ask, no, it’s not Facebook. It’s OMGPOP!


ALRIGHT. You want something to do?! How about checking out this entire smorgasbord of multiplayer games! From card games and board games to racing games and battle games, OMGPOP has it all. Games galore! Customize your very own profile and add friends to play with you. Collaborate in-game with your friends by typing or using the microphone enabled chat system, or just join a random game match. Change your status to fit your mood and maybe even buy a custom frame from the shop using in-game coins. Speaking of the shop, just about each game has it’s own available wares for you to purchase to customize your gaming experience. Need even more incentive to play? How about the level-up system or the ACHIEVEMENTS! Yippee! Oh, and did I mention that getting to level 100 or inviting 10 friends gives you access to a lifetime membership? …Phew. I’d get started if I were you.